“School in nature”

Dear friends, welcome to Kosjerić!
Dear parents, we have prepared great kingdom for kids, away from city noise.
Dear teachers, you will enjoy with your children every moment of staying in our hotel.

Here's why:
Kosjerić has an exceptional geographic location allowing easy access to the town from all
directions. It is on the road of the M21: Novi Sad- Šabac- Valjevo- Požega- Montenegro. The second strategic direction is Belgrade- Valjevo- Požega- Čačak. Railway Belgrade- Bar directly connects the Adriatic with Kosjerić
We have dual climate ( over 2000 sunny hours annually ), fresh air and magic natural
From Kosjerić, you can easily and quickly arrive to bigger cities: Valjevo and Užice are
only 40 km from us, Čačak 58 km, Belgrade 135 km, Novi Sad 185 km
Hotel “Olympic” can accommodate 120 children in double, triple rooms, four- bed, five-
bed and six- bed rooms. All rooms are equipped with central heating, bathroom with cold and hot water and cable TV
Near the hotel is amusement park for children, completely isolated from traffic. The park
is adapted for recreation and animation of kids, for their smooth playing and spending good time in nature
Sports center “Polygon” is, also, near the hotel ( 200 m ). It has: two football fields with
bleachers and night lighting, pitches for basketball, handball, tennis court, beach volleyball and mini pitches
At summertime, Olympic swimming pool is especially atracrtive. It has interesting
following facilities: two slides of length 45 m ( 30 and 15 m ), high 7, 5 m, bars, lounges, etc.
Across the hotel’ s street, there is Olympic memorial fountain, constructed in honor of
General Svetomir Đukić, the founder Olympic Movement in Serbia. Every year, in mid- May, Kosjerić hosted many athletes who participate in the memorial race “ General Svetomir Đukić”, in honor to our sports legend
The municipality Kosjerić has a lot of cultural- historical moments, which testify to the
dynamic history of this area. The village Seča Reka is famous by wooden church from the 15th century, dedicated to St. George. In the village Donji Taor, on the slopes of Povlen, there is the source of Skrapež river and Taor's wells, from where Kosjerić water supplies. Waterfall in Skakavci village, at 600 m altitude is a special attraction. On the top of Kosjerić is the Hill town, at 1022 m altitude. There is a magnificent view. When you come to Kosjerić, you must see the Turkish Han and monument of Anotnije Kosijer, located in the old part of town
The National library “Sreten Marić” in Kosjerić keeps the legacy of artist Liza Marić
Križanić and fragments from life our famous citizens: Sreten Marić, an essayist, translator and professor and Milovan Vitezović, writer
We will show you the authentic rural households in some villages: Skakvci, Mionica,
Rosići, etc, their lifestyle and traditions characteristic of Western Serbia
A healthy, domestic food is typical for our hotel. Our rich and varied meals, no one can
For our youngest guests, we organize every night a variety of performances: disco,
masquerade, cinema and a lot of competitions organized by the hotel animation team
In consultation with teachers, we make trips to mountain resorts: Divčibare, Zlatibor,

Lessons in the nature is one of the important form of learning, outside the classroom. Children have to learn to live up to nature.
Welcome to hotel “Olympic” to learn together, feel the nature and enjoy its benefits.
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